What is going in Nevada is unbelievable. Like my dad said there is no mail signature verification requirement! They are letting through 99% of the signatures for mail in ballots.

Adam Paul Laxalt: (1/2) Spoke on @tuckercarlson about Clark County NV insanity. We were told after Dem "reforms" that mail-in voting’s safe b/c signature verification would stop fraud. Instead the absurdly lax system’s letting 99% of signatures count. They’re flying through!



This is what Joe Biden and the Democrats call the American people.

And it’s wildly unacceptable.

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Joe Biden is in coal country.

Biden said he'd eliminate fracking and coal.

CNN: “Would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a Biden admin?”

Biden: “No, we would we would work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated.”


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The only mistake about Joe Biden's "you ain't black" line was that he said what the Democrats think out loud.

Major Patriot: "I had to remind him he was a Black person, so he can't vote for Donald Trump" -- Celebrity Whitesplainer, Chelsea Handler


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CARNEY: Wisconsin does not produce a drop of oil or a puff of natural gas, but Joe Biden’s plan to move the U.S. off of fossil fuels would hit the state hard. trib.al/zqoy2x2 twitter.com/BreitbartNews/stat

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Great meeting Aurelia Skipworth the 1st Black Director of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Svcs! Appointed by ⁦@realdonaldtrump Bus Tour this weekend in Michigan!! @TrumpWomensTour 🚌 👠🇺🇸

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Joe Biden insults Pennsylvanians who don't support him, calls them "chumps.” He has the same disdain for hard working Americans as Hillary had with her deplorables comment.

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Joe Biden’s plan to ban fracking will destroy American jobs and crush Pennsylvania’s economy.

Hardworking Americans like Jen know only President Trump will bring Pennsylvania’s economy back.

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An increasingly negative & unmasked @JoeBiden yells to a mostly empty lot, coughs into his bare hand, calls millions of Pennsylvanians who don't support him "chumps". A sequel to Hillary's snobby "deplorable" & "irredeemable" riff. They still think so little of so many Americans

Trump War Room - Text TRUMP to 88022: WATCH: Joe Biden insults Pennsylvanians who don't support him, calls them "chumps"

twitter.com/KellyannePolls/sta ..

America, make this ad go viral.

Help your friends & neighbors understand this simple truth: a vote for Democrats is a vote to destroy millions of jobs in the energy sector.

And for what? So higher carbon-intensive Russian oil & gas will take its place. Don’t let this happen.

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How is this not totally fraud? The Democrats will do anything to cheat. It’s getting ridiculous.

Pete Hegseth: Let me boil this down:

@SeanParnellUSA’s far-left opponent wants 28,000 ballots ERRONEOUSLY sent to voters in the WRONG district (heavily Democrat PA-18) to be counted in their race (PA-17).

This is sheer election fraud & he knows it. Could decide this race & POTUS race in PA.
twitter.com/conorlambpa/status twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/sta..

Joe Biden hasn't held a press conference in 24 days, and the media seems perfectly happy to let him not answer another uncontrolled question before election day. twitter.com/MattWolking/status

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This shows two truths

1.The effects of Biden’s crime bill
2.President Trumps response to fix Biden’s mistake.

The first was done to incarcerate young black men

The second was done to free young black men!

Who do you want in charge of your future?

Donald Trump Jr.: Yesterday @realdonaldtrump granted Duke Tanner clemency after 16 years in prison

He was sentenced to LIFE in prison for a FIRST time, NON VIOLENT crime because of Joe Biden’s crime bill

Good luck with your SECOND CHANCE


Joe Biden is campaigning in Bucks County, PA today.

His health care plan will kill the private health insurance that 7.1 million Pennsylvanians rely on.

25 of PA's rural hospitals would be at high risk of closure, limiting patients access to vital care. twitter.com/abigailmarone/stat

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Between his staffs unpunished comments on cops being f&$?ing pigs, his radical thoughts about the second amendment, and now being caught having dressed as Hitler does really want to chance it with a radical like Mark Kelly? The pretend moderate act is over .

Patrick Howley: EXCLUSIVE: I have obtained yearbook photos showing Democrat Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly dressed as Adolf Hitler during his time at the Merchant Marine Academy


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