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We got a he/him! We are now unstoppable!!!

anarcho-ETIDiot: I am officially a dues paying member to the @LPMisesCaucus and my shirt is on the way!

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In the not too distant future, they will start digitally altering old movies and TV shows to put masks on the faces of all of the characters.

You think this is an absurd prediction right now... just watch.


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Clint (@LibertyLockPod) and @PeterRQuinones are 2 of my absolute favorites here.

This is can't miss stuff.

Liberty THOTpod: "We know what you're doing!"
"We know what you plan to do to us!"
-@PeterRQuinones brought the thunder today, episode live now!
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If schools were positive environments for children, detention would be a reward and not a punishment twitter.com/michaelmalice/stat

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